Distracted Driver- A Real Disorder

Road accidents are rapidly increasing day by day by people negligence in UK and USA, suffering minor and major injuries, and sometimes putting their life in danger. To avoid such cases a driver must be alert and very much focused at his driving while doing driving of any vehicle.

Nowadays, mobile phone industry has emerged as boom in the market and all people want to enjoy the new features of this fast working device in spite of knowing its disadvantages. It is multitasking device can show us video, we can hear audio and can send text to any one of our friend. Therefore, people are this much crazy while driving they are just engaged in doing texting and chatting with their friend, eagerly waiting for new messages in spite of focusing on driving.

While people are engaged in phone while driving it is impossible to focus on driving and make safe and happy journey because it is scientifically proved our mind cannot pay heed for any work at the same time. So due to using mobile during driving people forget to slow down the speed before a speed barrier and skip the red lights. Therefore, there is risk of harming yourself and public, which are passing by road. It can lead to severe injuries.

So, all the senior members of family must suggest their children never use mobile phone during driving just focus on your driving and if it’s very urgent then stop the car somewhere off the road, but never use mobile at driving. Moreover, never mix alcohol with driving even they must convey this to other people as well so a safe atmosphere can be developed and can safe people from accidents.

Therefore, it must be or at some places, it is banned to use mobile phones while driving vehicle. If any person is found using a mobile phone during driving is forced for paying plenty with some money as fine.

Even in some cases, if an accident is occurred due to distraction in driving due to using mobile phone. If victim suffers from heavy injuries, victim can go to police station and can file FIR against him or can have complete medical treatment on defaulter payment. Alternatively, if unfortunately victim is died his family member can file a case in police station against the driver of attempt to murder and can send the driver behind the bar.

Some strict laws and rule are enacted to stop these mishappenings by government of USA and UK which are fully rendered to police to handle if any defaulter is found.

“A bit negligence of you, can make your life hell” so better be serious during driving.

Personal injury- How Driver Error Can Causes Car Accidents

Most of the accidents and mistakes are happening on the road due to human errors.  They say if there is a death due to a car collision, there is always someone at fault.  The personal injury attorneys in Santa Barbara at the May Firm understand this better than anyone.

Traffic on road has increased now a days in USA and UK people are in hurry about their work, nobody wants to get late at their work. Most of the cases in hospital have been registered in which human error is found responsible for these. people are not driving sincerely using the mobile phone for doing text and engaged on phone calls due to this it is impossible to just focus on driving ,while you are busy in other stuffs during driving, it leads to an accident and person face severe injuries and has to bear pain of these injuries untill he gets well.

Most of the victims tell, due to rough driving by young people others have to suffer severe injuries and even to late night parties they are consuming alcohol and doing driving recklessly and dragging themselves into mishappenings and killing themselves along with people along roadsides.

Some major reasons, which may causes accidents due to driver error:

* Rough driving or recklessly driving.

* Speeding or driving under the influence of alcohol.

* Changing lanes without giving signals.

* Driving on hard shoulder.

* Aggression driving.

* Skipping red lights

* Distracting driving, such as being on the phone or eating.

All these reasons are increasing death tolls per in the USA and UK. People just need to be more focused during driving and sincere.

Traffic is increasing rapidly and immensely no chance of inclination in this race , so its driver responsibility to be serious and cautious while driving because the life of people along the road and inside the car depends only on driver.

Some precautions must be adopted by driver to avoid these mishaps such are :-

* Always wear seat belts

* Signal your intentions while taking turn.

* Watch your speed.

* Know your surroundings and drive according to that

* Minimize distraction by avoiding phone calls and eating.

* Focus your attention always during driving a vehicle

* Regular vehicle maintenance so it will run smooth on road during driving.

The most useful is avoid of alcohol while you are driving

By keeping these points in mind a driver can make his life easy and can minimize the rate of mistakes in which numbers of people are losing their life, some are suffering from major or minor injuries , and some are losing their lives.

Traffic police is very strict to stop these mistakes and always available on road to help the needy ones. Not only police can mitigate all these mistakes there must be assistance from the other people too. Must make campaign area to area, city to city to gather the people and tell them all these measures to stop and avoid the accidents and how could be have safe driving. All must unite their hand in getting success to provide safe journey to everyone.

Bicycle laws- What you need to know

Bicycle is a two-wheeler vehicle, which is eco friendly and not emitting any pollution creating harmful gasses. Even bicycle riding is good for health and keeps you healthy and strong most of the doctors suggest riding bicycle to their patients.


However, in most of the places of USA and UK bicycle is considered as vehicle and cyclist as driver so some rules and laws are enacted for cyclists, which are:

* If there is no special lane for riding bicycle, cyclist must ride as close to the edge of the road.

*must go with the traffic rules never violate traffic rules.

*must use signals for turn, so other vehicles can notice him

*must wear helmet if cyclist is under 16 yrs old.

* Cyclist must not use mobile phones and head phones while riding bicycle on the road.

So cyclist must read all the laws and rules thoroughly before he comes on the road for his own safety  .

In USA and UK, bicycle is considered as a vehicle and cyclist as a driver, so other vehicle’s driver must think about the safety of cyclist must not consider the cyclist only a cyclist and must give cyclist a full respect as a driver when a cyclist hit the street and road.

Therefore, some laws are made for drivers as well in USA and UK just for safety measures:

* Drivers must keep a distance of 3 feet from a cyclist.

* It is against the law if a driver passes a cyclist if bicycle is in driving lane when no road or bike path is provided.

* Drivers can be at risk if he crosses a bike path to park and do not check to see if a cyclist is approaching to him.

* Bicycle is other vehicle drivers so if cyclist signals a turn, must properly acknowledge a vehicle.

Both cyclists and drivers must keep all these above laws in their mind to avoid any mishappenings and to suffer from any major or minor injury. Cyclist must know he must use the lane that is designated to him specially or if there is no lane for him must ride the bicycle at the edge of the road and if any heavy vehicle is approaching to him from back must come off the road. Must check its signals either they are working or not; so being on road he can use them effectively and can have safe journey.

In UK and USA cyclists are considered as a driver, so if they are injured in an accident on road they are provided with full compensation, according to the enacted laws of government in USA and UK and defaulter is forced to pay for victim’s all medical expenses. Defaulter is taken to court if sometimes the matter is not solved between the two parties and defaulter reject to accept his mistake. Therefore, to legally encounter the defaulter some organizations which are working to provide compensation by providing specialist lawyer who with his evidences proof the defaulter wrong in every term.

Brain Injury Caused by Car Accidents can be Devastating

human being’s main body part is only the ‘Brain’ which control the body’s all activities like as CPU of computer which controls the all the logical operations  like arithmetic ,subtraction, addition. Same as brain is responsible for all the activities done by the human being.

We can say Brain of human being is the central nervous system.  When body stimuli anything it sends the impact of it to brain and then brain send back the decision to do by body, so brain is the central nervous system of body.

Any damage to brain either any damage to brain either either any damage to brain either either either any damage to brain by either car road accident or any severe hit of object can make human body paralyzed and impaired. So better, take care of human brain while doing driving of car. So better never mix your driving with an alcohol and never attempt to do rough driving. Always behave like a perfect driver and a responsible citizen.

We can see in America and in Britain, numbers of cars are riding on road. there is huge traffic on road and chances of occurring accident has increased  by which if person face brain injury he must be immediately hospitalized as soon as possible so doctors can start their treatment . Because any negligence can make victim in danger of losing his life.

Due to brain injury a person loses consciousness, his body get paralyzed he may loss his speech and sometimes he goes into coma no idea how long will he remain like this. Some person starts behaving abnormal and they get dangerous to other normal people and are being treated as a mental in mental hospitals. Therefore, not only victim is facing the trouble but his family members too are vanished mentally and emotionally.

Treatment of head injury:-

Immediate action is needed after the accident is occurred. Proper care, evaluation and examination are needed under the special team of Doctors. To examine the internal damage of brain MRI of brain is done to confirm about the actual status of injuries of brain and then start diagnosis according to that. Victim needs daily routine check up by doctors and proper take care by hospital staff and family members.

In USA and UK police is so fast in handling these types of cases legally try its best to fine the responsible person and force him to provide the all expenses for victims treatment and provide the lawyer who legally confront for his compensation against the person responsible for his this current situation.

Personal injury- Know more about the laws for it

Personal injury is a legal term for an injury to the body mind, or emotions as opposed to an injury to property.

Personal injuries may occur by road traffic accident, fire accident  mishappening during work, injury while we are playing any kind of game e.t.c.


As we know, why these road traffic accidents are happening, just because of negligence of ours or by others and both have to suffer from this with minor or major injuries and then they are hospitalized. Those who lose life their family members emotionally and mentally are shattered and not easy for them to come out of this pain.  Sometimes due to negligence of doctors, people suffer injuries and have to bear this lifetime.  

Serving people can also suffer from any injury while on duty any mishappening may happen with them. Like army soldiers who are always ready to sacrifice their life for their nation and ready to face the bullet on their chest, face the bullets of terrorists and enemies when they go out of their nation and inside their nation like Iraq and in Afghanistan. Face minor and major injuries on duty and their family members too have to   suffer mentality and emotionally.  Most of them loose their body parts for their nation while at war on fighting against terrorists has to bear the troubles by this lose,  

Daily wageworkers those are backbone of building India may also get victim of personal injury while at work due to falling of construction building or by any means. They may suffer from any major and minor injury to their body which can badly affects their source of income and family. Then who is there to stand by to fight legally for providing them compensation from the contractor.

As we know now a day’s  burden of books are increasing on students and parents have too much expectation from them but nobody is there to listen what they have wish to do in their life ,so when they could not fulfill their parents’ wishes and parents donor understand them they harm themselves. In addition, go through personal injuries, which lead to mentally and physically trouble to their family and to themselves.  

We have seen most of the cases in which children had faced injury during their childhood and get scared from parents in disclosing about it and it leads to mentally and physically disturbance. In this case parents much be watchful to their children and must behave friendly to them.

.there is some claims, which a victim can make to compensate his, lose:-

Personal injury claim: a victim can claim for his loss in road accident and in any mishappening from the people and organization that is responsible for that. If matter is sorted out between the two parties then no need to go to court .otherwise victim can knock the door of court as well.

Victim can claim for an accident at work: when due to any mishappening he gets any major and minor injury to his body badly which put affects his livelihood.

Even some times people on feet and on bicycle are hit by heavy vehicle can go for their claim


There are number of organization which are working for providing claim to the victim in U.S and U.K victim can use their free help line number and can contact to their specialist lawyers who will collect the information in terse and will prepare their case for providing them compensation.

And in US and UK there are health insurance programs which are run by government  to provide free medical expenses to victims and even full care to those who lost any body part  and those are not in condition to afford ,through privately purchased insurance, social insurance and social welfare programs.